The owners, Amber and Oswaldo Freire, pride themselves on exceptional service and personalized attention for all their guests. Amber, an American born interior designer and amateur chef was living in Ireland where she owned champion racehorses and ran a children's charity, which brought her to Ecuador. Here she met and fell in love with her husband Oswaldo, an hotelier and one of Ecuador's most accomplished mountain climbers, while climbing Cotopaxi. In the 6 short years since they met they have managed to build not only a large family (4 little girls), but to make a reality of their dream to create a cozy, luxury adventure Lodge on the hacienda that has been in Oswaldo's family for over 60 years.

They have succeeded in creating the only place of its kind in Ecuador: A paragon of warm Ecuadorian hospitality with fine international service and cuisine. Only a few minutes above the hustle and bustle of the capitol city, Rumiloma is truly a little Andean Paradise just above the Heart of Quito.


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