A dish hides stories, tales, loves and temptations. There is so much that comes with the materials, processes and techniques that are so intricate, we would never be able to finish describing it all. But what is inside every bite of a dish?

To answer this, it is necessary to understand that, we are in a place where we are the emanates of life and from knowing that, comes sweet sounds that tell us small fragments of history, and little by little they let us know who we are. That's what we do in Rumiloma, we don't hesitate in breaking schemes and guidelines previously set. We don't want to be part of the rest and we don't want to be taken into the account and the idea of typical food. We are the dimensional door that is always open in the middle of the liveliest forest in Quito.

We are part of the Pichincha that is alive, so that any person that is brave enough to step inside, will be transported to another time, to a different way of life, in which the only thing that is valid are their present experiences. The food's only objective is to tell stories, stories of today, of yesterday, from here and from there. So if you want to know who we are and what we do, we are Rhapsodies. We are the ones that listen to the earth, and in return, we capture this in dishes, in sensations, and most of all- experiences. That is the basis of our existence. We are here to welcome you to the table and seat you near the fire. We go out of our way and we listen, because otherwise it wouldn't be special.

A fundamental piece of any story has parts and chapters. For us, those are menus. That is the reason why our menus will flow in their content, moving forward and guiding through these different stories. Every dish will be unique and will have a unique story to tell.